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So many ways to enjoy Ma Chinese Cuisine. 

We have gone beyond expectations with our take-out

Ma Chinese Cuisine has always had fun takeout but with the pandemic we took the extra step to make sure you never miss out.

First things first...our new app.  You can collect points, order right from

the app and take advantage of any discounts and promotions.


The company of others.  The perfect way to enjoy dining at Ma Chinese Cuisine

It is not uncommon to see tables at Ma covered in plates of food.  The share.  Although we have a menu packed with individual dishes, many of our guests prefer to order as a sharable experience.  In fact, our private dining rooms that are glassed in have a spinning tops for rotating and sharing.

With over 100 items, it may be best to plan it out

Some great approaches to getting the most out of your experience at

Ma Chinese Cuisine is to have a look at the menus below.  There is a Dim Sum form that you can download and fill out before you arrive if you wish.  Because there are so many choices and up with family and friends.  Order mains and share sides together so you get a full range of flavours of Asian Cuisine.

Items are marked as spicy, vegetarian or may contain peanuts.


Dine In Menu


We love to hear from you.  We share it with our team and

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Here are some of our favourites.  If you want to join the wall of fame,

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Oh, where to begin?  

The atmosphere is intriguing and the building a great combination of old industrial and modern chic.

The food is truly excellent, served with class and presented well.


Our soup, pumpkin with lotus bulbs, was delicious and a perfect appetizer, along with dumplings.

Our main courses were lemon chicken and rice with mixed vegetables. The breading on the chicken was light and tasty, and the rice was delicious.


For dessert, my daughter had a bean mixture in the shape of a peach while I had an amazing jelly with lychee and goji.

The wait staff are pleasant, accommodating and attentive, and obviously observant because their attentiveness was just right.


An excellent experience and we can't wait to go back!

Google Reviews: From Colin Cousins  9/4/2020


Great takeout! Bento box meals are huge and reasonably priced! Highly recommend! A little of everything, just what i wanted

Tripadvisor: From halbop33  November 18, 2020

I ordered take out during Covid and the food is legit. Interior seems very nicely decorated, and although the exterior isn't, there is plenty of parking available. Looks like a very classy restaurant with tasty food to match!


I ordered the custard bunnies which where cute and freshly made. Delicious! Ordered the steamed bean curd with mushroom, pork and shrimp which was packed with filling and taste did not disappoint, and finally ordered the veggie dumplings which tasted good if you add the provided soy sauce on it. Overall a very satisfying and authentic meal! I would look forward to dining in here once Covid is over, and it would be a destination restaurant for this Niagara region!

Google Reviews: Kerrin Mmm  8/31/2020

Great meal for our first dinner back st a restaurant! Everything was fresh and delicious. Friendly staff and all covid protocols followed.

Facebook Recommended: From Tyler Frausel  3/2/2021